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Businesses frequently face tax audits by governmental agencies. In such cases, it is important to avoid the negative consequences that sometimes occur from the misguided actions of taxpayers. 

There are four primary types of tax audit: full-scope audit, limited-scope audit, cross-audit and time audit.                                                                            

A full-scope audit is carried out to examine all aspects of taxes, as well as budget and social payments. It also takes place in the event of the liquidation of a legal entity.
A limited-scope tax audit is the most common form of audit, carried out in relation to certain types of taxes and payments, VAT, and as a result of an order issued by an investigator in a criminal case.
A cross-audit is auxiliary, and is carried out in the event that a full-scope or limited-scope audit is conducted with respect to your counterparty.
A time-audit, or timing survey, is designed to establish actual income – however taxes cannot be assessed solely based on its results. It can be carried out as part of complex and tax audits, at the request of the taxpayer and according to the decision of the tax authority.
We adhere to the view that during any of these inspections it is vital to assist the tax bodies in resolving the situation properly, making a decision which satisfies both parties: the law and the client.

We provide following services:

  • Consultation on tax audits;
  • Tax audit support;
  • Appeals against the results of tax audits (notifications).

What we do:

  • We will:
  • Prevent the violation of your rights during the audit;
  • Help you properly prepare and submit documents to the relevant authorities;
  • Analyze the situation and provide a balanced legal opinion, including anticipated risks;
  • Settle conflicts with the tax authorities;
  • Hire additional specialists if necessary;
  • Appeal decisions to the appropriate body;
  • Appeal the decision in court.

Why businesses choose us:

  • We understand the principles and intricacies of the tax authorities and their ways of working;
  • We positively appeal notifications, in the majority of casese without applying to court;
  • In complex cases we recruit specialists who can provide evidential opnions;


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