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There are often corporate disputes between entity founders or shareholders, as well as between the executive body and shareholders. Such disputes can last for a long time. In such disputes, it is very important to use correctly the potential of the legislation, to collect an evidence base. Sometimes it is necessary to use different dispute resolution methods, including applying to law enforcement agencies.

We provide the following services:

  • full legal support in corporate disputes;
  • reclamation of documents;
  • full legal support in litigations between founder and executive body;
  • legal support in corporate disputes with elements of criminal offense.

What we do:

  • we will advise on potential risks and give a legal opinion;
  • develop a strategy and all alternatives for the dispute resolution;
  • we will make full evidence base and request all the necessary documents;
  • draft and file a claim with court;
  • we will defend your rights in all judicial instances;
  • we will support you in court enforcement proceedings.

Why companies choose us:

  • complete confidentiality;
  • positive judicial practice;
  • comprehensive approach and teamwork in finding best solutions.


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