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Construction is an areas where lot of disputes between contracting parties always arise. Often, small and medium-sized businesses are involved in this process due to the fact that many of them do not pay due attention to legal analysis of contract when signing it and as a result bear negative consequences. During legal support in construction it is important to assess all the risks, agree with counterparties on all terms and conditions, force majeure and ways of dispute resolution.

We provide following services:

– drafting contracts including all necessary terms and conditions with all the annexes;
– expert examination of the draft contract provided by you;
– negotiating with your counterparty;
– drafting a protocol of disagreement;
– drafting contracts including foreign person’s participation;
– translation of contracts into languages;
– representation in trials under the relevant contract.

What we do:

– We will draft an agreement with favorable for you terms;
– we will study a contract and provide a legal opinion;
– predict and advise on possible risks;
– amend the contract with favorable for you terms;
– we will negotiate with the counterparty and defend our draft contract.
– in the case of non-performance of obligations under the contract by the counterparty, we will file a lawsuit with court.

Why we:

– we have judicial practice in construction disputes, which will help with the risks prediction;
– experience in transaction support for large construction companies;
– experience in support of transactions involving foreign companies;
– experience in provision of outsourcing service for construction companies.


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