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An enormous amount depends on a legal representative’s work during litigation. If a representative fails to provide supporting documents, justify their legal position or explain it succintly to the judge, you can lose a case even with truth on your side. The particularly complex nature of the disputes within our areas of practice makes the calibre of the representative even more important.

In addition, before and during the trial, the legal representative, taking into account the specific circumstances of the situation, may turn to other means of dispute resolution, including a mediation or settlement agreement.

Our compliance system and standards of work are designed to minimize legal errors, with embedded monitoring of work ouput quality, a comprehensive study of your case and effective preparation and protection during the trial. We work harrd to earn our reputation and the satisfaction of our clients.

We provide following services:

  • Debt collection;
  • Work completion act, to be found by the court as accepted and performed;
  • Recognition of the nullification of a transaction;
  • Representation in trials for those portrayed as a bad-faith party in public procurement;
  • Appeal against the tax authorities;
  • Corporate litigation;
  • Land disputes;
  • Representation in disputes relating to taxation, construction, real estate registration and corporate law.

What we do. We will:

  • Analyze your issue, provide a legal opinion, and tell you about the prospects and inherent risks of the case;
  • Prepare a legal position and strategy;
  • Prepare a body of evidence and if necessary, engage supplementary specialists;
  • Make a statement of claim and file it with the court;
  • Apply for interim measures;
  • Participate in court hearings;
  • Protect your interests in appellate and cassation cases;
  • Initiate enforcement proceedings against a  judicial enforcement agent;


    Beyond litigation, we will be explore alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and settlement agreements.

Why companies choose us:

  • We are experienced in dispute resolution, including those involving particularly complex cases;
  • We demonstrate strong team work in developing a legal strategy;
  • We are constantly expanding our legal knowledge base, ensuring we remain engaged in the latest changes in judicial practice.


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